The SRAA held its annual luncheon on November 2 at the Montgomery Country Club.  SRAA members and prospective members were able to spend time networking with one another as well as with our guests and providers of equipment to the industry.  

After a welcome and self-introductions, participants received an update from Maury Mitchell, ALEA’s State Crime Information Director.  Director Mitchell updated the group on the SCRAP system in which Alabama recyclers are required to register and upload their daily purchase transactions.  He reviewed the most recent update that was launched this summer and reported on the statistics of recyclers that were participating. He stressed that his team was always available to assist with any technical issues that recyclers or their software vendors might encounter.  He did advise the group that ALEA will be conducting compliance checks to ensure that all recyclers were registered and reporting their purchases as required by law.  The SRAA pledged to support ALEA in educating the members as well as non-members on these requirements, and that the industry supported the efforts of Alabama law enforcement on this initiative as well as their continued efforts to reduce metal theft crimes.  

The next presentation was by Jennifer Byrd, Deputy Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Revenue.  She gave a general overview of the role that the Department plays relative to issues that affect the Alabama recycled materials industry.  She spoke about resources on motor vehicles and gave an update on the issue that will exempt overtime pay from gross income effective January 1, 2024.  She stressed that her office is always available to answer any questions that members may have concerning the Department of Revenue.

After attendees enjoyed a buffet lunch, the keynote speaker, Jimmy Baker, Chancellor of Alabama Community College System was introduced.  Chancellor Baker gave a thorough update on the operations of the organization.  The discussion was especially relevant to Alabama recyclers, due to the fact that employers were struggling to find qualified skilled employees. He spent some time discussing a unique program that offers training within Alabama prisons in an effort to get those incarcerated special skills that will allow them to find employment once they were released from prison.  He did ask that SRAA members and other employers give these candidates a chance when recruiting new employees.

Following Chancellor Baker’s comments, all four members of Capitol Resources of Alabama team gave an update on issues relevant to the SRAA from their perspective. Toby Rothe gave an update on regulatory issues, including the ALEA reporting and other important issues. John Hagood gave an update on current plans for the 2024 legislative session and covered the multitude of other issues that their team covers on behalf of the SRAA.  Will Fuller gave a political update on state and Federal matters.  Anna Beth Payne updated the group on her activities in her role as association manager.  She explained being able to help follow up on membership leads and updated the group on the recent rebranding for the SRAA and the launch of the website,  She also reminded everyone to prepare for SRAA Day at the Capitol and the ever popular Montgomery Biscuits game the night before.

President Chip Koplin spoke about the need to grow the membership and the importance of Alabama recyclers getting to know their elected officials to educate them on critical issues for the industry. He stressed that SRAA needed members from large and small companies – and from all areas of the state including large cities and small towns.